COmpetition and training schedule

October 6th 2019

Combat Pistol Match

7am - 11:30am

Southern Tactical Range Holt, Florida

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October 6th 2019

Combat Pistol Match

RPGi invites shooters to compete in this 4-stage mini-match at Southern Tactical's Range.  PCC rifles are welcome!  Bring  at least two magazines for your handgun or PCC.  Shooter's will show up at 7am for the 7:30am shooter's brief then get rounds down range no later than 8:00am.  This match is in the time plus format and all shooters are running in the "Open" division.

$25 Match Fee (Shooters can sign up for two platforms IE. PCC and Handgun)

120 round requirement

7am - 11:30am

Southern Tactical Range Holt, Florida

Rpgi Combat Carbine match series 2019

Shooter Ready? 

RPGi Combat Carbine Match Series Promotional Video shows RPGi affiliates and RPGi owner (Souder) shooting carbine portions of various matches across the United States.  These clips are a great example of what will take place during this match series.  This is a 4-stage match for rifles only.  With a 120 round count requirement and short intense stages the shooters will rely on extreme speed and accuracy to come out on top.  52 shooters and 1 winner!  Match is ran as a Time Plus format (fastest shooter overall wins).  Stay tuned for the low light (Friday night lights) promotional video!  Get your rifle lights ready!


3GN Nationals and expo at Southern Tactical Range 12-13 OCTober 2019

Largest shooting competition ever held in the Panhandle!

3-Gun Nation, RPGi and Southern Tactical are teaming up to host the 3GN nationals near beach town of Destin, Florida. 

October 12-13 2019, Southern Tactical will host 3GN nationals and run a 2-day Expo/Grand Opening at the range.  There will be food, fun and gear for everyone to enjoy.  

Southern Tactical shooting range offers a mixture of natural terrain and bay stages, featuring a long range area with targets up to 1000 yards. 

3GN is offering huge discounts for Military and LEO shooters who compete in the match.

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If your company is interested in sponsoring the event and/or would like to set up a vendor booth please click below and send your requests. 

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3rd Annual Green Beret Foundation Shooting Competition 2019

This year's Green Beret Foundation was a huge success!  RPGi was fortunate enough to design, build and match direct the event with the help of many.  Our ROs were the critical point that led to mission completion.  Hats off the Steel Magnolias and Green Beret Foundation!  Planning is already underway for 2020!  (Video Courtesy of the Steel Mags)

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RPGi- Tactical and Competition training


RPGi offers full spectrum training options from brand new shooters to seasoned professionals worldwide.  

RPGi is based in the Panhandle of Florida With access to local ranges and state of the art training facilities. 

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RPGi Services and Solutions

"Brendan on a survey in 2018"

RPGi offers world class services and solutions to include:

-Network of former USSOF personnel for hire (contracting)

- Private security and PSD training

- Threat assessments 

- Area study and surveys

- Consulting: Foreign language and Regional Expertise 

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We focus our efforts on your success.  Our select group of retired and active US Special Operation and Law Enforcement members are the absolute best.  RPGi and affiliates carry years of legitimate experience across the globe solving real world problems.  We have access to a myriad of options across multiple industries via our robust network of professionals.

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